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claimyourmovie's Journal

claim a movie!
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Users are able to claim multiple movies.
Claim a Movie!

1) Please respect the maintainers.
2) You are only allowed to claim up to five different movies.
3) Each show can only be claimed by five people maximum.
4) You are able to get more claims if create something such as an icon, layout, banner, and so on.
5) When you claim a movie, in the subject of the post, it must say, "I hearby claim."
6) When claiming a movie that is a part of a series, such as the Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and so on, we ask that you only choose one movie out of the set instead of the entire series.
7) It is asked that you do not promote other communities, whether they are rating or claiming communities or not. If you do so, drastic consequences will take place.
8) When you join, promoting us in your user info is optional by you. It is very much appreciated if you do so, however, but completely not necessary.
9) You cannot join, claim, and then proceed to leave the community. If you do so, your claim(s) will be erased.
10) Don't forget to have fun!

Those in Charge.
Maintainer - Justin supjuicy

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